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Refill Falmouth

 Cornwall Wildlife Trust is working with BeachCare and Clean Cornwall taking the battle against plastic waste to the next level with ReFILL Cornwall, a countywide free water refill campaign. The partnership has come together to reduce our plastic pollution and litter levels by calling on people to make just one simple change – to choose tap water instead of buying plastic bottled water both at home and out and about. Businesses are encouraged to become a ReFILL Falmouth location by displaying a sticker in their window, joining the ReFILL app, and encouraging other businesses local to them to get involved. Cafes, bars, restaurants, hostels, anyone – if you have a tap and would like to show your support to the campaign and to those people who are making a positive choice away from single use plastic, please get in touch with us.

Plastic Free Communites

Plastic Free Falmouth, Plastic Free Penryn and Plastic Free Mylor

Plastic pollution has sadly become synonymous with any coastal activity, from surfing to swimming, beach holidays to wildlife watching – it is simply an expected part of our experience. This is why marine plastic pollution, and specifically tackling society’s throwaway, excessive or unnecessary plastic culture, is now Surfers Against Sewage’s top priority. Plastic pollution is an issue that connects the environment with all parts of society, and is something that we can take action on at every level. Indeed, it will only be through concrete, collective, positive action that we will be able to catalyse the shift that is needed to stop the flood of plastic pollution from overwhelming our world.

Final Straw Cornwall

A campaign to rid Cornwall of single use plastic straws and raise awareness of the damage single use plastics are causing to our environment.


They are a clear example of completely unnecessary single use plastic that is used for an average of just 20 minutes then discarded. Every straw on the planet right now will outlive everyone reading these words.
Some problems seem too big to tackle. This problem isn’t. We can do it if we all work together!

We understand some people need a straw to drink and are recommending asking for paper straws instead. Individuals always requiring a straw to drink may wish to purchase their own bamboo/ stainless steel /glass reusable straw.

Biodegradable and compostable straws do not break down in the marine environment as the water is too cold, therefore we do not recommend them as an alternative. Please check before you buy!