Meet our wonderful team of hardworking, enthusiastic and motivated volunteers who strive to help to conserve and protect our oceans through outreach and citizen science. 

Meg - Chair and Founder of FMC 

"I founded the marine group due to my passion for the oceans and what it holds and how conservation can support and protect these places. Conservation starts at home. Working in the local area, with a small, committed group of people will enable us to produce some good science, with relatable results. It is vital, now more than ever, to get everyone involved in helping protect our ocean for future generations. I hope with the awareness raised, data gathered, and litter removed from our beaches, that the Falmouth Marine Conservation group can contribute to the global marine crisis by taking action on a local scale".

Anna Tomlin - Seaquest Coordinator


"As a Conservation Biology & Ecology student at the University of Exeter, I’m keen to raise awareness of the issues affecting our oceans and help preserve biodiversity. As Seaquest Coordinator for FMC I hope to engage people with our local marine wildlife here in Cornwall by recording cetaceans and pinnipeds in the Falmouth Bay area. I think inspiring and educating people about our marine environment is the best way to protect it and surveying for marine megafauna off the coast of Falmouth shows people the incredible wildlife right on our doorstep".

Peter Oldcorn.jpg

Peter Oldcorn - Seaquest Assistant Coordinator


"I'm an Environmental Science graduate from the University of Exeter and now currently studying my Masters in Conservation and Biodiversity. Having lived in Cornwall for 3 years, I've been surprised by the diversity of wildlife throughout the seasons. As an outdoors-aholic I feel truly grateful to study somewhere with so much nature just on our doorstep! A few of my highlights of living down in cornwall have to be snorkeling with seals, seeing a humpback whale from a boat trip, and swimming in phytoplankton blooms in late summer. I'd love for others to have these same opportunities as me, as a way to make the most of the environment down here. Therefore, as Seaquest Coordinator, my goal is to help bring people closer to nature, and to raise awareness on all that can be spotted from a seaside walk, or even simply a coastal path bench!"

Chris Sharpe - Pacific Oyster Coordinator


"My involvement in FMC over the last three years has been mainly as the lead for the Pacific Oyster monitoring project. My roles also include liaison with Plastic Free Falmouth, Committee and helping to steer FMC through these crazy lockdown times. Always in, on, or under the water since a nipper, I am delighted now to be able to weave together my joy of the marine world, with some purpose".

Emily Gilford - Admin


"I am a BSc Zoology and MSc Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecology graduate from the University of Exeter and enjoy scientific communication and spending time out in nature. I work full-time for the University of Exeter, assisting with online learning and student engagement, and in my free time am an environmental editor and writer for Bloom in Doom Magazine and have previously written for BBC Wildlife Magazine. I am part of the admin team at FMC, and love reading through your emails about wildlife sightings and volunteering with us! I have previously worked at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary and love seeing the wildlife photos from FMC's followers on our social medias".

Maddy Simmonds - Admin


"I am a Zoology graduate from the University of Exeter and am passionate about all aspects of nature and wildlife. I love being by the sea in Cornwall and I am keen get more involved with marine conservation and supporting local conservation groups, so it was a winning combination to volunteer with FMC! I am part of the admin team so look forward to hearing from you! In addition to having admin experience from previous roles I have worked in a zoo as a research student and also have a keen interest in science communication which I channel through writing for a couple of environmental/conservation websites inluding Conservation Careers and Bloom in Doom magazine".

Sam Davies.jpeg

Sam Davies - Treasurer


"I am a Conservation and Biodiversity masters student with a passion for learning more about and protecting both marine and terrestrial environments. I love being in nature and, having only recently moved to Cornwall, I have been enjoying spending more and more time on the coast - whether that's swimming, surfing, rockpooling or more recently helping out with oyster surveys! I have recently joined FMC as Treasurer to lend a hand with all the great work that is being done whilst getting more experience of putting conservation into action".

Isabelle Watt - Outreach


"Marine conservation has been a key part of my life after witnessing the extent of coral reef bleaching in the Indian Ocean. Ever since I have volunteered in marine conservation efforts with the Beach Clean Project, FMC and 2 Minute Beach Clean to do my part in conserving our marine ecosystems and beautiful coastlines. When I came to Cornwall for university I fell in love with the stunning coastlines and passion for the ocean that people here have. Being part of FMC has given me so many opportunities and a platform to help educate the next generation of marine conservationists".

Hannah Brown - Outreach


"Being a second year Geography student at the University of Exeter, I have seen the extent to which human activity is impacting our environment. Seeing and understanding how are actions are having a global impact woke me up driving me to help out in any way I could which led me to FMC. I have always been an outdoorsy person emabarking on several DofE expeditions along with many coastal and sea swimming adventures all across Cornwall. I think educating others on any little way they can help is so important and one of the best ways we will be able to make a change globally!"


Charlotte Bearham - Rockpooling Lead


"My name is Charlotte and I have had Cornwall and rock pooling in my life for as long as I can remember. From childhood holidays to Looe where me and my Dad would spend hours looking for different creatures to my love of the water now where I swim, snorkel, paddle board and rock pool all year round with my own children. Being in and around the ocean is my true passion and I can’t wait to share that with you on one of our rock pooling adventures"

Erin Sheffield - Social media


"I’ve always loved the natural world and our oceans in particular. I’m undertaking a degree in Marine and Natural History Photography, and I love to scuba-dive in our local Cornish waters and discover the life hidden in the rocky shores with an underwater camera in hand! I’m also an artist and paint wildlife in my spare time. As social media coordinator, I love sharing images and info on the wonders of the seas with the public. I’m also passionate about inspiring future generations, and love volunteering with FMC’s education and outreach team!"

Hannah Cocks.PNG

Hannah Cocks - Social media


"I am a masters student studying Marine Environmental Management at the University of Exeter. I am passionate about all things marine and want to do what I can to raise awareness of issues facing the ocean. I am a strong believer in ocean positivity and, as social media coordinator, want to spread a message of hope for our seas! I enjoy sea swimming, free diving and snorkelling and feel so lucky to be in Cornwall and working with FMC surrounded by such a lovely and environmentally conscious community."


Tasha Phillips - Committee member

"I am a marine biologist and documentary filmmaker. My marine research has a focus on big fish, including tuna, skate and sharks, with a PhD on ocean sunfish ecology. As a National Geographic Explorer I'm passionate about science communication and raising awareness around our oceans. My husband and I live in sunny Falmouth with our rescue dog, and we love being part of the FMC's conservation and marine outreach work."

Jessie Dermody.jpeg

Jessie Dermody - Committee member

"I’m currently studying Marine Biology at the University of Exeter’s Penryn campus. As someone who has been obsessed with the ocean from a young age, I’m always looking for new ways to protect it. FMC provides a wealth of opportunities to learn about and conserve our local marine environment. I’m excited to get involved with as many as I can!"

thumbnail_FMC photo.jpeg

Sam Spode – Newsletter coordinator

"I am a BSc. Marine Biology and Oceanography graduate and recently finished studying a master’s degree in Applied Marine Science at the University of Plymouth. In my spare time I love surfing, swimming and exploring the coast around Cornwall and back home in Wales. I am particularly interested in the fields of marine pollution, marine ecology and oceanography/coastal dynamics, and carried out my MSc. dissertation on the distribution of microplastic pollution in the Camel estuary. I also enjoy communicating science and raising awareness about the issues facing the marine environment and am looking forward to producing regular newsletters for FMC!"

Steph Fincham - Web editor

"I grew up 40 minutes away from the North Norfolk coast, home to the largest chalk reef! This is where I spent much of my time - rockpooling, body boarding and kayaking. I loved getting in the sea and finding wacky looking species endemic to the reef. It was here after I studied Marine Conservation here in Cornwall. Having the chance to rockpool, snorkel, freedive, surf and swim makes me appreciate the marine species and environment even further. Volunteering for FMC as their web editor is a very exciting job, it’s great to get involved in a community who are all so passionate about spreading awareness about our oceans".

Lawrence Headshot.JPEG

Lawrence Eagling - Web editor

"Having grown up on the south coast of Sussex exploring rockpools, the marine environment has always been part of my life. This led to my career path in marine biology and a PhD in native oyster restoration. I now work in scientific outreach, creating short documentaries to promote research and share local stories. After moving to Falmouth, I wanted to get involved in the FMC, raising awareness for conservation issues and increasing accessibility to the oceans"