Growing up in Cornwall I have always had a passion for marine life. I left the county to study and research viruses in crabs and influenza viruses (which infect seals and many sea birds) and got a PhD. I moved back to Cornwall when I had children as I didn’t want them to miss out growing up by the sea.  At university I was an active member of Greenpeace. As a member of FMC, I can continue to make people aware of environmental issues and help to protect our special coastline.



 I am semi-retired after careers in teaching, recycling and environmental consultancy. During my teaching career I was involved with several NGOs promoting environmental protection.  I also served for several years on Council of Management with Waste Watch. Recently, I successfully completed an MSc in Environmental Assessment and Management with the University of East Anglia. I am also a full member of CIWM and graduate member with IEMA. Love and fascination with the marine environment in Cornwall is a new and wonderful experience for me and has put the need to learn to swim top of the bucket list! 



I’m a keen sailor and live onboard a boat for part of the year, so as a conservationist I'm passionate about protecting the precious marine environment. In my day job I’m a biodiversity consultant, so work to ensure impacts from large industrial developments are minimised. Here on my own doorstep, my aim is to help make Falmouth as plastic-free as possible.



I founded the marine group due to my passion for the oceans and what it holds and how conservation can support and protect these places. Conservation starts at home. Working in the local area, with a small, committed group of people will enable us to produce some good science, with relatable results. It is vital, now more than ever, to get everyone involved in helping protect our ocean for future generations. I hope with the awareness raised, data gathered, and litter removed from our beaches, that the Falmouth Marine Conservation group can contribute to the global marine crisis by taking action on a local scale.

Meeting Chair and Founder of FMC


A keen Marine Biologist organising all Falmouth Marine Conservation group events ranging from large talks at the poly to rockpool rambles. Coordinator on the Pacific oyster monitoring the expense of where Pacific oysters are found in the Falmouth area and measuring the quantity. 

Event Coordinator and Deputy Chair


I study Conservation Biology and Ecology at the University of Exeter campus in Penryn, and my passion is for conservation education. I believe real change can be brought about by educating and inspiring the next generation of future conservationists, and FMC provides an excellent platform to do that. I have previously taught conservation abroad in Madagascar, and it is a real privilege to be able to continue teaching children about marine conservation issues alongside my degree.

Outreach coordinator


Conserving our oceans became my priority after witnessing the extent of pollution on the coasts of India and Indonesia, as well as the bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef. I now study Marine Biology at the University of Exeter and am a Marine Mammal Medic with the BDMLR. I am passionate about educating people on the issues our oceans face and inspiring the public and future generations. I’m proud to be FMC’s Seaquest Coordinator and co-coordinate our education outreach programme, as these projects promote engagement and awareness of Marine wonders and issues in an accessible way

Outreach Coordinator


I’ve always wanted to protect our beautiful planet in a way that feels true to me. Living and teaching in Madagascar for one and a half years made something click. I’ve realised there are so many important components to marine conservation but if we don’t share them with others, in the long run we won’t get anywhere. I am now studying Environmental Science and I am so grateful to continue my teaching through FMC. Having the ability to plant seeds of wonder in the beautiful minds of children and leaving each session with a full heart makes me so happy!

Outreach Coordinator


I'm a Graduate of Falmouth University completing a degree in Marine and Natural History Photography. I now specialise in underwater wildlife photography, having dived in places such as Egypt, the Galapagos Islands as well as Cornwall. I have always been passionate about the Cornish coastline and have seen for myself the damage that plastic is doing to marine environments worldwide. I hope that by joining the FMC team, I can help to show others just how amazing and diverse the local marine life is!

Digital Communications Lead


After recently graduating with a BSc in Zoology I have felt inspired to dedicate more of my time working towards charitable efforts to conservation of animals and their environments. Growing up in Cornwall has given me a strong connection to the sea, and my love of diving has enhanced my passion for all that inhabits it. I moved back to my home town of Falmouth in June and wanted to help my local community work towards a more sustainable future and protect my own marine environment. To be involved with Refill Cornwall allows me to help with efforts to move Falmouth towards reducing its consumption of plastic by working with the local community towards a wider goal. 

Refill Coordinator


I gained an interest into protecting marine life when I had to perform a rescue on a Water Monitor with its head stuck in a can on the island of Koh Phangan a few years ago. Seeing trash littered on beaches while on my travels & when I moved down here to Cornwall, made me start doing my own beach cleans every other week. I am now a Marine Biology student studying at the University of Exeter Penryn Campus and I am fortunate enough to volunteer as one of the beach clean co-ordinators for FMC. My role is to get as many people encouraged to do our monthly beach cleans and hopefully inspire others to undertake their own whenever they have the chance. 

Beach Clean Coordinator


As Community Engagement Officer for the Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Your Shore Beach Rangers Project, I am fortunate enough to help support Cornwall’s network of brilliant local marine conservation groups. Fascinated by the nature and the sea, I love learning and experiencing more of the incredible and precious marine life surrounding us.

Fascinated by people, I love learning what motivates people to get involved in conservation (or not!) and ways to engage people outside of the conservation ‘bubble’.

Conrwall Wildlife Trust


Socal Media / Photography




Press Officer


Otter Coordinator

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