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Pacific Oyster Project

The Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) is an invasive non-native species that was first introduced to Britain in 1926 (GBINNS) and farmed commercially from the 1960s. At the time it was thought that the cool temperatures of UK waters would prevent any spread of this species. However, since its introduction, rising sea temperatures have allowed this species to spread extensively around the coast. In some areas it has become problematic, establishing reefs and excluding other inter tidal species. 

The Pacific Oyster Surveys are carried out monthly on low tides, working in the inter-tidal to gather data about the rate of unplanned growth of feral non-Native Species. We work in teams up and down the Fal Estuary. We work to stop the breeding, and monitor growth, patterns, and the impact on biodiversity, recreational enjoyment of the shoreline and the effects of marine infrastructure.

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