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Meet our wonderful team of hardworking, enthusiastic and motivated volunteers who strive to help to conserve and protect our oceans through outreach and citizen science. 

Meg - Co-Chair and Founder of FMC 

"I founded the marine group due to my passion for the oceans and what it holds and how conservation can support and protect these places. Conservation starts at home. Working in the local area, with a small, committed group of people will enable us to produce some good science, with relatable results. It is vital, now more than ever, to get everyone involved in helping protect our ocean for future generations. I hope with the awareness raised, data gathered, and litter removed from our beaches, that the Falmouth Marine Conservation group can contribute to the global marine crisis by taking action on a local scale."

Georgi Griskeviciene.jpg

Georgi - Co-Chair of FMC 

"My passion for the ocean and conservation comes from my background as a skipper and sailing instructor. My years living on, in and under the water inspired me to study Marine Biology which brought me to the University of Exeter, Cornwall – I could think of nowhere else I’d want to study this fascinating subject. I first joined FMC in 2019 as an outreach volunteer and went on to become a coordinator in 2021. During my degree I have realised the importance of involving the community in conservation initiatives and so I jumped at the opportunity to be more involved with FMC as Co-chair with Meg in 2022."

FMC profile.jpg

Charlotte - Seagrass Coordinator


"My background is in the restoration of freshwater wetlands in England, where I practiced on the ground conservation work to reinstate these vital habitats. I have currently returned to study at Falmouth University where I am blending my love and knowledge of the natural world with my creative skills!


I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with Falmouth Marine Conservation and our local community to communicate the wonder of seagrasses."

Chris Sharpe - Pacific Oyster Coordinator


"I have been the FMC lead for the Pacific Oyster Surveys, since February 2019. Pacifics are a non-native species, now feral and affecting the intertidal biodiversity dramatically in the Fal. Surveys are monthly.  My role is to recruit teams of volunteers, organise and run the surveys, gathering data and culling, to prevent new growth.

I am also a FMC committee member, helping to steer and manage the range of developments projects and activities run by FMC. My involvement is as a citizen scientist, passionate marine activist, having spent most of my early life in, on or under the water! I now get to weave together my joy of the marine, with some practical and active purpose."

Maddy Simmonds.jpg

Maddy Simmonds - Committee member


"As a Zoologist I am passionate about all aspects of nature and wildlife, but particularly marine conservation. I currently work as a marine wildlife analyst for an environmental consultancy. I miss being by the Cornish seaside but I have plans to start a masters in marine conservation in autumn 2023! I have an interest in science communication so I love hearing from potential volunteers and sharing the work that FMC does."


Jo Morley - Admin team


"Hi everyone – I’m Jo, an ocean lover, campaigner and diver. I’ve recently joined the FMC team supporting across events, projects and admin. In my professional life, I currently head up the Marketing & Campaigns team at City to Sea, a Bristol based NGO where I’m responsible for running national and international campaigns to prevent plastic pollution. I’ve been involved in a number of research and conservation projects around the world, and having moved back home to Cornwall in 2022, I wanted to get more involved in local conservation projects to protect and restore the stunning and biodiverse coast where we’re lucky enough to live! I love the work that FMC do to connect the local community with the natural environment and how we can all take action to protect it. "

Rachael - Admin Coordinator and CATT Project Coordinator.png

Rachael - Admin team and Project coordinator for the Cetacean Acoustic Trend Tracking Project


"I am a Marine and Environmental Science graduate pursuing a career in marine conservation, with a focus on cetacean research and human impacts on the marine environment. I joined FMC at the end of 2022 as Admin Coordinator and have since expanded my role as Project Coordinator for the Cetacean Acoustic Trend Tracking project, handling the data side of the project. My lifelong dream of working with cetaceans and the marine environment first began as early as 9 years old and I'm now more passionate about it than ever before. I'm always keen to get out on the water and get involved with international and local research as well as finding new ways to assist with conservation efforts. I'm proud to be part of such a great team at FMC who care so much about the marine environment and are collectively doing fantastic things to protect it."

Rada Pandeva_profile pic.jpg

Rada - Committee member


"My name is Rada (Рада) and I am currently pursuing a BSc in Marine Science at the University of Exeter. I am a thalassophile (a lover of the seas and oceans), passionate about protecting the Ocean and teaching others how to do it too. I am currently working on The Thalassophile Project which aims to make marine science accessible to everyone, in particular D/deaf and visually-impaired people, and I look forward to implementing what I learn in my work into Falmouth Marine Conservation."


Jessica - Outreach coordinator


"I’m a second year Zoology student, starting my placement year in September but despite my terrestrial based degree course, I have a new-found love and appreciation for the ocean. I am passionate about educating younger generations about our oceans in hopes that they will one day take over our mission to protect them."

James Chatfield.jpg

James - Whale Watch coordinator


"I’m a current MSci Marine Biology student at the University of Exeter. I have a passion for all marine life, whether it be cetaceans and birds seen from windy headlands, tiny sea slugs in rockpools, or all the amazing animals I try to photograph while snorkelling and diving! I hope I can help get the local community involved with all the wonderful activities we run and foster an appreciative relationship between the local community and ocean wildlife in the area! Please drop by one of our Seaquest Sundays to say hi and see what we can see!"


Sam Davies - Treasurer


"I have always had a love of the outdoors and a passion for protecting nature and the wildlife, both terrestrial and marine. This love of marine wildlife only grew with my time living in Falmouth as a masters student. During this period I spent much of my time exploring the coast, enjoying being in the sea and learning about the incredible breadth of marine habitats and biodiversity that can be found in Cornwall. With my work background being in environmental economics and previously accountancy, I currently volunteer as FMC's Treasurer."


Grace - Social media coordinator


"Having lived in Cornwall my entire life I have grown up loving the outdoors and Cornish coastline which coincided with a huge respect for the marine life that occupied these spaces. Unlike most of my fellow FMC team members, my education is not conservation related. I graduated University with a degree in Media and Communications, where I decided I wanted to use my social media and marketing skills to raise awareness of issues I am passionate about. As social media coordinator I want to raise our online profile so more people can see the amazing work of FMC."


Charlotte Bearham - Rockpooling Lead


"My name is Charlotte and I have had Cornwall and rock pooling in my life for as long as I can remember. From childhood holidays to Looe where me and my Dad would spend hours looking for different creatures to my love of the water now where I swim, snorkel, paddle board and rock pool all year round with my own children. Being in and around the ocean is my true passion and I can’t wait to share that with you on one of our rock pooling adventures."

Ellie Rhodes-Williams.jpg

Ellie - Rockpool team


"I am a MSc by Research student at the University of Exeter currently investigating the ways pharmaceuticals commonly found in sewage impact our local marine wildlife. My current research has given me a better understanding of how sewage that gets released locally at Falmouth beaches can negatively impact marine life. I am passionate about understanding our impact on the ocean and how we can change this. I believe communicating and discussing our influence on the environment is a fantastic way to progress towards better protection for local waters. I have been a keen rockpooler and fossil hunter since I can remember, exploring the Cornish and Jurassic coast. As a rockpool assistant I can share my knowledge of the vast array of marvelous marine organisms found in Falmouth from sea hares to spider crabs and spread understanding of our influence."


Eden - Seagrass project coordinator

"I’m a zoology graduate with a breath of marine wildlife experience and a passionate conservationist. Currently I work as a Rockpool Safari Guide, educate people about the fascinating live on our shores. During my studies I investigated wildlife conflict within the fishing industry and I’ve previously worked as a wildlife surveyor on a local research vessel. As an avid snorkeler, I am excited to be able to share this wonderful and important ecosystem with others and mix my passions and experience in helping to conserve our seagrass beds. "


Tasha Phillips - Committee member

"I am a marine biologist and documentary filmmaker. My marine research has a focus on big fish, including tuna, skate and sharks, with a PhD on ocean sunfish ecology. As a National Geographic Explorer I'm passionate about science communication and raising awareness around our oceans. My husband and I live in sunny Falmouth, and we love being part of the FMC's conservation and marine outreach work."

220921 SEAVIVE PHOTO.jpg

Vicki - Committee member

"I joined FMC a couple of years ago and have really enjoyed being involved with activities such as seagrass snorkels and rockpool rambles. I have always been fascinated by the marine environment and its great to be able to contribute practically through volunteering. I also work for Falmouth Harbour as their Environment Manager so the two activities work really well together helping me to see the harbour from a number of perspectives and understand more about the benefits and use of citizen science."

Picture 1.jpg

Sam – Assistant Project Coordinator for the Cetacean Acoustic Trend Tracking Project

"Hi everyone! I’m Sam and I’m the Assistant Project Coordinator for the Cetacean Acoustic Trend Tracking Project at FMCG! I’m currently heading into my final year at Plymouth University and am studying Ocean Science and Marine Conservation, during which I’m completing a dissertation looking into the effects of marine traffic on the numbers of common dolphins in Falmouth Bay. I also work for AK Wildlife Cruises as the Cetacean Researcher and Educational Officer and help to run the trips out in Falmouth whilst passing on as much knowledge as I can to further all our knowledge about the marine mammals around our coastline! I have been around the coast all my life having lived in Cornwall and hold a level 2 powerboat driving license too and I love more than anything to be out on the water uncovering all the amazing marine life that is around our coastline to hopefully bring forward some better protection as well and I cannot wait to get involved more with FMCG to do this!"

Lawrence Headshot.JPEG

Lawrence Eagling - Web editor

"Having grown up on the south coast of Sussex exploring rockpools, the marine environment has always been part of my life. This led to my career path in marine biology and a PhD in native oyster restoration. I now work in scientific outreach, creating short documentaries to promote research and share local stories. After moving to Falmouth, I wanted to get involved in the FMC, raising awareness for conservation issues and increasing accessibility to the oceans."


Cam - CATT and Education & Outreach Coordinator

"Hi! I’m Cam, Coordinator for the Cetacean Acoustic Trend Tracking Project, as well as Education and Outreach here at FMC.
I’m also a Marine Mammal Medic with British Divers Marine Life Rescue, where I’m training to be an advanced medic; I’ve had some incredible experiences working with BDMLR and learned so much about marine mammal rescue, and the threats facing them. If you were curious, my favourite marine mammal is the vaquita, but my favourite whale is the northern right whale!
As well as working with FMC and BDMLR, I also work with the Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute in Spain.
I absolutely love working with FMC, because education is probably one of the most important aspects of marine conservation, and it’s so wonderful being part of such an awesome team!"

Daisy - Outreach coordinator

"Hi, my name is Daisy Oldfield, Volunteer coordinator for FMC, I am currently studying Marine Biology at University and am an avid ocean conservationist! Having grown up with a love of being in the ocean and the happiness it brings so many of us, I hope, with FMC, to help influence a greater awareness of the conservation the ocean and the creatures for which it is home requires."


Rei - Photographer, Blog writer & Education and Outreach Volunteer

Hello! My name is Rei and I am a Marine and Natural History Photography student at Falmouth University. I am a Photographer and Blog Writer as well as an Education and Outreach volunteer at Falmouth Marine Conservation! I was born and raised in New York, but I’ve always had a love and appreciation for the ocean. Back in New York, I dedicated a tremendous amount of time to youth wildlife conservation education and I am eager to continue that work here in Cornwall. Now as a wildlife photography student, my aim is to leverage my work to educate and inspire the general public on all things relating to nature!


Sean Nelson - Admin Coordinator


Hi, I’m Sean!  I’m currently studying Marine Biology at the University of Exeter and act as an Admin Coordinator for FMC, where I help in the day-to-day running of the group.  I’m passionate about all things marine, and it’s rewarding to be involved in a local conservation group where the community comes together to protect our oceans.  I was born in Singapore and only recently moved to Cornwall - I was never expecting it to be home to such incredible marine life!  I believe that effective conservation involves many small steps, so it’s great to be a part of one of them!

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