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Education and

Our volunteers visit schools and youth groups across Falmouth and our local area.
Using a combination of our very own teaching materials, craft activities and games, we run hour-long educative sessions, focusing on the importance of our marine environment. 

Teaching Environmental Responsibility 

Our activities are aimed at educating children about the current threats to our marine environment - including over-fishing, plastic pollution and disturbance.

Sharing Love of our Oceans

Our outreach team are passionate and knowledgeable about our local marine life. The focus of our outreach work is to pass this enthusiasm on to younger members and future leaders of our community! 

Inspiring Change

Young people leave our sessions inspired to make a change and tell their friends and family about how we can all people guardians of our oceans. We believe it's how change starts!

Our Aims

Session Topics

Interested in a session with us?

Our Feedback

" Thank you for the lovely workshops! The children loved the activities and learnt loads."   - St Francis Primary School, Falmouth

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