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Community • Collaboration • Conservation

Welcome to Falmouth Marine Conservation, where passion meets purpose. Established in 2016, we're a volunteer-driven community committed to safeguarding our marine environment. Dive into our mission focused on Citizen Science, Collaboration, Education, and Engagement.

Discover Falmouth's Marine Riches:

Explore the wonders of Falmouth, a Special Area of Conservation teeming with diverse marine life, from playful dolphins to enchanting seahorses.

Proudly backed by Cornwall Wildlife Trust and marine conservation grants, we're making a positive impact on Falmouth's marine ecosystem.

Dive into Our Projects and Events:

From family adventures to marine biology enthusiasts, our projects and events offer unique experiences. Join us in preserving the beauty beneath Falmouth's waves.

Get Involved:

Attend events, stay informed, or consider joining our committee. Together, let's celebrate and protect Falmouth's marine wonders

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