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FMC set out to establish a baseline survey to better understand what options are currently available to consumers on Falmouth shopping streets. Our volunteers surveyed our retailers (e.g. shops, takeaways, etc) to understand the current extent of single-use plastic provision, and how many retailers might already be trying to reduce their use of plastics already.

Plastic bags...

  • Currently 64% of our retailers provide single-use plastic bags

  • A fantastic 25% of retailers ONLY offer paper bags and refuse to sell ANY plastic bags

  • As Falmouth consumers, we typically bring our own bags (43%)

Food outlets...​

  • Nearly 40% of takeaway food is served in plastic/polystyrene containers

  • Just over 50% serve drinks in plastic/polystyrene containers

  • Falmouth already has several notable examples where retailers actively choose to avoid the use of single-use plastic.

  • Roughly 85% of retailer decisions on use of single-use plastic bags or takeaway containers are made locally/in the south-west, so local consumer requests can be influential.

  • Approx. 65-70% of retailers surveyed are very keen for Falmouth to move towards becoming single-use plastic-free, with many willing to participate in a plastic-reduction trail.

43% of people bring their own reusable bag when they go shopping in Falmouth

57% do not 

We plan to finish our baseline during the 2017/8 winter, then present the findings back to Falmouth’s retailers. Our aim is help them source more sustainable bagging and packaging options for Falmouth consumers , whilst always remembering options need to be commercially viable.

Remember, try to re-use your own bags and water-bottles, and refuse single-use plastic.

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