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Sign up with Plastic Free Falmouth to become have a our support through personal contact to help you make the plastic free changes right for you and your business, whether this be becoming one of our #ReFillFalmouth stations or becoming a Plastic Free Champion.

Our Plastic Free Champions are keystone businesses in Falmouth and the surrounding areas that, with our support, pledge to remove or swap three single use plastic items from their business. This could be swapping plastic straws for paper, plastic cutlery for compostable alternatives and banishing the pesky single use plastic bag. 

If your business pledges to be one of our Plastic Free Champions, we'll shout about you on our social media platforms to spread the word about how your business is paving the way for a plastic free future!

Click Here for more information on the Plastic Free Falmouth movement and #ReFillFalmouth

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Harbour Lights

Harbour lights are voted the best fish and chips in the UK, not only are their fish and chips sustainable and are approved by CWT Good seafood guide they are also a Plastic-Free Champion. As well as being a plastic-free champion they are also a Refill location and you can buy Falmouth Marine Conservation Refill bottles there to.  At Harbour lights they even have a green team to make sure they are all round green. They even have a building-wide recycling policy at Harbour Lights so we can reach our goal of being as green as we can be as a business.

Castle Beach Cafe

The cafe is located directly on the lovely Castle Beach with fantastic views out over Falmouth Bay. Castle Beach is a long sandy beach alongside a range of fascinating rock pools ideal for swimming, snorkeling or just chilling out and relaxing over a light meal or specialist coffee. Castle beach cafe is great to pop in for an ice cream when you're on the beach. With them being so close to the sea it's great to see the reduction in single-use plastic, with pushing for recycling bins as well as a 2-minute beach clean station. They work closely with Falmouth Marine conservation with running and beach cleans and getting the younger generation involved with running rockpool rambles

Bahama mamas

Introducing Falmouth’s hottest new eatery Bahama Mamas — a cafe and tapas bar serving local craft beers & speciality coffee day and night.
They are reducing there single - use plastic and have signed up to be a plastic free champion


Well, they never started with plastic but we had to mention them! We are proud to have our first plastic-free store in Falmouth, if you've not already been it's definitely worth visiting, pop in and see Hannah.


It's as easy as 1,2,3 ​

How it works :

  1. Bring in your own containers, bags and bottles

  2. Refill from our bulk dispensers

  3. Pay by weight

Swanpool Beach Cafe

Swanpool cafe is a lovely cafe whom Falmouth Marine Conservation group love to work with when doing beach cleans we even all get free hot drinks! They have achieved removing 3  single- use items of plastic and are even a Refill station.

Pandora Inn

This 13th century pub is a #ReFill station and a Plastic Free Champion business - they have swapped plastic straws for paper, switched to wooden drinks stirrers and are phasing out their individually wrapped buscuits!

Gylly Beach Café

Gylly Beach Café are one of our Plastic Free Champion and ReFill Stations! They have swapped plastic straws for a Vegeware alternative, as well as using compostable ice cream spoons and ditching single use cups. You can also buy one of our swanky #ReFillCornwall reusable aluminium water bottles here - great job Gylly!


Huddle is a community exhibition space offering local food and fair-trade coffee as well as a lovely environment to meet up and chat! Huddle is a Plastic Free Champion and ReFill Station and has removed plastic straws, bottles and coffee cups - they are also now selling #ReFillCornwall reusable aluminium bottles! 

"As a church initiative we love to work with organisations who are committed to bringing positive change to our community and beyond. You'll find that our food is locally sourced and fair trade. We are mindful of our impact on our beautiful environment and are passionate about becoming a plastic-free cafe. As a member of ReFill Cornwall we will fill your bottle for free with pure Cornish tap water!"

The Chainlocker Pub

The Chainlocker is a #ReFill Falmouth station and have ditched the plastic straws for paper ones, so are on their was to being a Plastic Free Champion!

Highcliffe Contemporary B&B

The Highcliffe is one of our first Plastic Free Champions B&B's! They have made their much loved business by the sea better for the environment by ditching single-use plastic water  bottles, changing their toiletry products packaged in plastic for ones in reusable containers and now getting their milk delivered in glass bottles.

NV Hairdressers

To do their bit as a Plastic Free Champion, NV Hairdressers have stopped buying shampoo in plastic bottles and now refill the bottles they already have. They also have stopped offering single-use plastic cups and using styling spray in plastic bottles - good job!

The Natural Store

The Natural Store is another one of our #ReFill stations in central Falmouth - pop in if you need to #ReFill!

The Old Quay Inn

The Old Quay is one of our #ReFill stations and is phasing out single-use plastic straws - pop in if you need to #ReFill!

Earth & Water Deli

Earth & Water Deli is one of our #ReFill stations in Penryn - pop in if you need to #ReFill!

Five Degrees West

Five Degrees West is another one of our #ReFill stations in central Falmouth - pop in if you need to #ReFill!

Kernow Adventure Park

Kernow Adventure Park have stopped selling single-use bottles of water, plastic straws and have stopped offering single-use plastic cutlery in their café - they are another one of our amazing Plastic Free Champions

The Stable

The Stable is another one of our #ReFill stations in central Falmouth - pop in if you need to #ReFill!

Pillow Press Laundrette

Pillow Press Laundrette is a perfect example of how any business can be one of our Plastic Free Champions! They have stopped sourcing detergents packaged in plastic, have stopped using plastic colour catchers and have stopped packaging fresh laundry in plastic bags.

The Courtyard Deli & Kitchen

Deli Kitchen is another one of our #ReFill stations in central Falmouth - pop in if you need to #ReFill!

King Charles School

King Charles School is our first Plastic Free Champion School! They have removed all single use plastic items from their canteen and encourage students to bring their re-fillable water bottles and re-usable bags to school.

Boslowick Garage & Shop

This family-run local garage and shop has banished plastic straws and coffee cups as well as switching to supplying glass bottles of milk instead of plastic! They are a great example of how a any small business can be a Plastic Free Champion.

Rebalance Organic Reflexology

Rebalance Organic Reflexology is one of our #ReFill stations in Falmouth - pop in if you need to #ReFill!

Norway Inn

The Norway Inn are one of our Plastic Free Champions - they have swapped their straws for paper ones, swapped single-use coffee cups for a compostable alternative and switched their plastic stirrers for wooden ones! They also have stopped serving nuts in plastic containers, using glass jars instead.


WeSUP are leading the way by protecting their patch from single-use waste! As a Plastic Free Champion they have removed all single-coffee cups, water bottles and plastic bags from their business! Good job!

Cavendish Coffee House

Cavendish Coffee House is another one of our #ReFill stations in central Falmouth - pop in if you need to #ReFill!

Little Red Rooster

This cute American Diner has joined the Plastic Free Revolution as one of our Plastic Free Champions! Mike and Becky have swapped out plastic cutlery for wooden, switched plastic bags for paper and stopped serving straws in their drinks.

Beerwolf Books

Beerwolf books combines books and beer to make a perfect combo! They are one of our Plastic Free Champion businesses and have removed straws, plastic bags and single-use coffee cups from their bar!

Watersport Bar & Café

Watersport Bar & Café is one of our #ReFillFalmouth stations - Pop in if you need to #ReFill!

The Saracen's Plate

The Saracen's Plate is one of our #ReFill stations in Penryn - pop in if you need to #ReFill!

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